Selection And Training

On appointment of an employee, they begin a three month probationary period, which may be extended at the company discretion. During the probationary period each employee is monitored to ensure their compatibility and suitability to the position which are time, attendance, team work, customer care, understanding, personal hygiene and many other criteria. On job training also continues throughout the probationary period and beyond.

PLA believes that professional training is essential in providing a high quality skill engineers and technicians.

The management recognizes that proficiency in advance technical system is largely a result of the combination of experience and through training.

Programmers are designed to improve the skills and knowledge of each individual

All PLA. Staffs are carefully selected and trained with the clear objective of providing a smartly uniformed, self disciplined, motivated, quality conscious and effective team.

Training will be accordance with PLA, practices, many of which have adapted international standards and in conjunction with the special needs of the client.

Training is delivered with the emphases on but not limited to.

  • Customer Care
  • Quality Of Service
  • Company Image
  • Customer Profile
  • Special Customer Needs
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